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Teachings for Women by Dr. Mary L. Dubler, DVM

Jesus’ interaction with seven women in scripture

It is our desire to see this information used for the benefit of the Body of Christ.  Permission is given to reproduce in part or in total any of the commentaries and teachings for legitimate purposes as long as the material is not misrepresented or taken out of context.  Please give credit to the author and include “From” if you will.  We always enjoy receiving a short note telling us how the material has been used, and welcome any comments you may have.  Contact us here.

Jesus’ interactions with seven women in scripture reveals some eternal truths:

Jesus Loves

Jesus Forgives

Jesus Teaches

Jesus Guides

Jesus Heals

Jesus Tests

This series looks at the interactions of Jesus with seven women: Mary Magdalene, the woman of ill repute, the woman caught in adultery, Martha, Mary, the woman with the hemorrhage, and the Canaanite woman.  From these encounters we learn how Jesus wants us to be women who are devoted to Him, who accept His forgiveness, who focus our attention on Him, who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, who depend upon Him for answers, and who grow in faith as we are tested.  My hope is that as you do these studies you will allow yourself to be shaped by the Master’s hand into a stronger woman of God.

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