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Teachings for Women by Dr. Mary L. Dubler, DVM

Thou Art My God
by Dr. Mary L. Dubler

Thou art my God, a new book by Dr. Mary L. Dubler, focuses on eighteen different instances when the phrase “Thou art my. . .” occurs in the Bible.

For example, David declares: “Thou art my Lamp” in 2 Samuel 22:29.  From this we learn that God will light the way for us as we walk through this life.  Other attributes of God mentioned in this way include Hope, Refuge, Portion, Praise, Rock, Father, and others When your study of this volume is complete you will see that God indeed provides what we need for all circumstances.  This book, written in Bible study format with questions at the end of each chapter, has been of great encouragement to the women who have used it.

It is our desire to see this information used for the benefit of the Body of Christ.  Permission is given to reproduce in part or in total any of the commentaries and teachings for legitimate purposes as long as the material is not misrepresented or taken out of context.  Please give credit to the author and include “From” if you will.  We always enjoy receiving a short note telling us how the material has been used, and welcome any comments you may have.  Contact us here.

Introduction  How I was led to do this study and book, and my hope for readers.

Chapter 1  Thou Art My Lamp  Living without the Lord is to walk in complete darkness.  However, the believer has God’s light available to him and this helps keep us safe.  

Chapter 2  Thou Art My Lord, God, and King  We should say to the Lord, “You are my supreme, almighty, royal God and my master.”  This fuels a healthy, holy fear of God and a desire to obey Him because we love Him and want to please Him.

Chapter 3  Thou Art My Rock, My Fortress, and My Strength  God is not like any fortress built by man.  He is solid and able to withstand all forms of assault and will keep in safety those within His protecting arms.  He is the one to run to in times of trouble.

Chapter 4  Thou Art My Hiding Place and My Shield  Many women struggle with anxiety, and this robs them of peace.  God as our hiding place and shield means that God is a shelter, a place of protection, a place of grace. 

Chapter 5  Thou Art My Father and the Rock of My Salvation   Salvation is given to those who believe in Jesus Christ and follow Him, and Satan’s accusations cannot succeed against us.

Chapter 6  Thou Art My Hope and My Confidence  Having hope and confidence in God helps us control our emotions.  Hope is an anchor whereby we can keep from being tossed by emotional extremes.

Chapter 7  Thou Art My Refuge and My Portion  The Lord should be our ultimate source of encouragement, and if we do what is right in His sight we will receive what we need.

Chapter 8  Thou Art My Help and My Deliverer   When we face trouble, God is there to help and bring us out of the deep.

Chapter 9  Thou Art My Praise  Praise and thanksgiving to the Lord should be a continual process for the believer.  Giving thanks will also make us more appreciative of what God has done and less likely to complain.

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